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We understand how busy people are these days with no time to chase around having to play "phone tag" or try to match someone else's schedule just to get enough information about a home to be able to determine if it may or may not fit your particular needs. We realize your time is just as precious as ours, and that is why we put this system in place. We strive to make shopping for a home an enjoyable and peaceful experience. Here's how it works, simply enter your name and email address and when we have a property come up for sale we'll email the basic information to you. Being on our buyers list gives you a "jump" on others as we notify our buyers list before we begin any of our other marketing campaigns. When you are interested in a certain property, simply contact us and we'll move toward the next step. There's no cost or obligation to join our buyers list and if at any time you wish to be removed from our buyers list, simply email us with your request and we'll remove you asap. If you wish to rejoin later, simply re-visit this page and sign back up. Join now, you have nothing to lose (except maybe a landlord).
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